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Journée Mondiale
Dimanche 8 mars 2020

International Women's day Casablanca

IWD casablanca organised by WTM & GDG Casablanca is more of a technical event, from talks to workshops held the whole day about different new techs including Google technologies, AI, coding and definitely some fun activities to spread joy in the event.

This event is for you either you are a Senior, Junior or even Beginner in the field.
Each one of us has their own unique vision for the future, and because this is one of the biggest events for Women in Tech make sure to reserve your place and get updated about it.

Attendance is free and open to everyone in the link bellow:

Together let’s celebrate the super-women in our lives.
Together let’s create a new narrative for our industry.

#TogetherWeRise #IWD2020 #WTMCasablanca #WTM20 #WomenTechmakers #GDG #GDGMENA #GDGcasablanca

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